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The small rural town of Putāruru is located in the South Waikato, central North Island, between Tirau and Tokoroa. This area is historically known for its farming and timber growing and the beautiful, clear streams and rivers that surround it - with 20 smaller waterways leading of Te Waihou River. 

The Blue Springs (Te Waihou) is a fisherman's wonderland with many rainbow and brown trout fishing spots. This river supplies New Zealand with 70% of its bottled water. Because of it's clear blue water it brings a lot of tourists to the area to see these crystal clear waters with the green algae floating beneath the surface. Nearby is Lake Arapuni, home to Arapuni Swing bridge and the Waikato River Trails - a cycle way that stretches for 103kms. Putāruru is home to the Timber Museum, a waterpark and New Zealand's Cheese School, Over the Moon Cheese Factory.

Putāruru has many schools in the area ranging from Early Childhood to College as well as a Wharekura too. Putāruru is well-served with a multipurpose 520-person capacity theatre, The Plaza, Gelnshea Park and rugby fields with grandstands, club rooms and a 6 netball court. There is tennis courts, a pavillion and Swimming Pool complex.

Our town is expected to grow significantly over the next 30 years with a projected increase of around 600 homes, there is a new Lifestyle Village and many subdivisions popping up around the area which will bring in many jobs and new businesses to support this growth. 

Pride in Putāruru

PIP is a local government funded community group, established in 1972. PIP are a passionate team of three staff, eight trustees and approximately 30 incorporated society members who are committed to the wellbeing of our town.


Pride in Putāruru is our business association, facilitating functions and events on behalf of the Putāruru business community and residents. Events include the Putāruru Business Awards, Christmas Parade, Waterfest among other initiatives. Pride in Putāruru also produce the Putāruru Prattler newpaper distributed free to the Putāruru and Tirau Wards. Pride in Putāruru is funded by Council through a targeted rate on both the business sector and Putāruru ratepayers. The organisation secures additional funding from other grant sources.

Our services

Information Centre

Located in the central township, this Information Centre offers everything from bus tickets, fishing licenses and other local information.

Community Events

PIP host many community events throughout the year to bring our town together, meet new-to-towners and support engagement with our local businesses.

Liaison with South Waikato Council

As we are a local government funded community group, it is our duty to advocate for our town and the community. We are committed to supporting the growth and wellbeing of this town.

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Our team support the local business district, residents and new -to-towners to strengthen our plan for growth and encourage our visitors to stop and stay.

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